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Three super cheap ways to get Actor Headshots

An actors headshot should showcase you and your personality look like the best version of you without being super made up Not too many distracting patterns on your clothes.

Should not be too risqué

Interview your photographer

How much experience do they have with headshot photography

Do they have examples of their work

Do they have locations already picked out for shoots

For people of color you want to see examples of pics the photographer taken with people who look like you.

Are you going to direct me?

And if it’s a paid shoot-What payment methods do you accept?

1. Newly monetized photographers

You can start by placing an AD, the great thing about placing your own ad is using the questions I shared with you guys you can list out in detail exactly the kind of photographer you are looking for, examples of the kinds of shots you want to achieve and you can remain anonymous. . You can also use CL to find a photographer its $10 to post an ad. However beware of the creepers and spammers who will reply to your ad trying to sell you everything but photography.

Another great way to find a photographer a newly monetized photographer is by using niche groups. Facebook has a ton of groups dedicated to photographers. You just have to join the group, which takes less than a minute. I placed an ad in a group called NY photographers stating that I was looking for a headshot photographer and I got so many responses! The downside about this I spent a lot of time on messenger going back and forth with the different photographers trying to find just the right one. Your social media page is linked to these groups. I got a lot of inappropriate DM’s after posting my ad. Which is why even though it isn’t free posting ads anonymously is sometimes better!

Thumbtack is also I great place to find photographers because their rate and area of expertise is already listed you don’t have to spend time weeding through the ones that won’t work.

2. DIY

It helps if you have a professional camera but the iphone does the job. However if you are up to the challenge you will need


· Camera

· Tripod

· Light and or reflector

· Timer or remote

· Great location

If you are a female I would suggest breezing past a make-up counter and getting your make up done professionally. Places like Macy’s and MAC will do your make up for $50.00 and they accept appointments. Just be sure to ask them if they know how to do make up for photography because that is different then everyday looks etc. I’ve linked a video below I found a Youtube on how to apply makeup for photography. As well as links to Macys and MAC and some reasonably priced camera equipment I found on Amazon.

3. Headshots on Trade

The last way is on trade. The photographer gets pictures to add to his portfolio and you get headshots for free. Reddit, MeetUp and Facebook groups are best for this kind of shoot. I tried placing an ad on CL for trade and of course all the pervs responded asking for sex. A lot of times these groups have a no solicitation policy so you definitely want to reach out to the host of the group and get permission first. Offering to assist with admin support or marketing support is a great way to incentivize photographers to get free pics. The craziest response I got was one girl wanted help with her move for free headshots. I just recently got new headshots after 14 years take a look at the BTS of my shoot by clicking here. Once you get headshots you will need a resume, so click here I share insider tips on how to add acting credits to your resume with no experience. There are also free templates to help you get started.

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