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How to Speak like a professional Actor!

If you are new actor and want to learn how to speak like the professionals I am going to give you a crash course on how to speak like an actor. If you are not "in the biz" and just want to impress an actor/actress you have a crush on I am going to teach you ten words/phrases that mean something totally different to a professional actor. These actor words and phrases will have you sounding like a professional no time! Let's get started.

1. Martini Shot

To the average person who hears the term Martini Shot would think of this.

Speaking like an actor, a Martini Shot also called a Window shot, is a Hollywood term for the final shot set-up of the day.

2. Sides

To the average person sides are what we order on our Chipotle Burrito bowl or eat way too much of at Thanksgiving!

To talk like an actor: Sides are a portion of a script, instead of the entire script showing the lines of only a specific role. According to top Hollywood acting coach the term dates back to Shakespeare time.

3. Headshots

To the gamers out there a headshot is a bullet or gunshot aimed at the head.

To an actor: A head shot or headshot is a modern portrait in which the focus is on the person.

4. Day Job

To the average person day jobs are companies that offer positions that are only available during the day time aka 9-5.

To speak like an actor: day jobs are jobs actors work while waiting on their big break they can work them at all times. Day or night.

5. Checking the gates

To the average person if you said check the gates they may think you are instructing them to perform a security measure.

When actor hears this they know that the Director or 1st AD is checking the gate, or footage, to make sure they are satisfied with shot before moving on to the next shot.

6. Riders

According to Webster's dictionary a rider is a person riding something especially a horse.

When an actor hears the word rider they immediately think : A list of requests or demands that a performer sets as a criteria for them to show up or give a performance.

7. Press

To press something means to apply pressure.

Actors tend to have a love hate relationship with the press depending on where they are in their careers. To speak like an actor: Press are people like reporters and photographers you can usually find them at red carpets.

8. Adjustment

A Treatment technique that chiropractors use to improve stiff joints.

To an actor an adjustment is direction given by a casting director to an actor during an audition. Adjustments are a great sign it means they like what you are doing!

9. Call backs

Wikipedia defines the term call back as: Computer programming. A call back can also mean to literally call someone back.

Actors love hearing this term even more than getting adjustments. A call back is an invitation to an actor for a second audition. Second auditions are only given to actors who are seriously being considered for a role.

10. The Trades

Jobs that require formal vocational education but not a bachelor’s degree like a nurse or an HVAC technician.

When an actor refers to the trades, they're talking about entertainment industry news sources aimed at providing you with insider information, reviews, interviews, coverage of events and festivals, box office reports.

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