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Doing the bare minimum and still getting paid! -Top 10 day jobs for up & coming Actors

Updated: Nov 24, 2020


You need time to submit yourself for castings, work out, audition, practice your scenes for scene study class. Make it to scene study class on time (before COVID), keep up with all the industry news, and oh yeah, try to have a personal life. Occasionally see your friends and family or at least see them during the holidays. Keeping up this balancing act for years can get frustrating and can result in severe actor burn out.

Finding that perfect day job that will not interfere with you chasing your dreams is somewhat crucial to your success at reaching your goals of becoming a professional working actor. That is what lead to the creation of the slack off meter! What is the slack off meter, you may be asking? It is not a technical term. Of course, I created it to assist me when browsing the want ads for that perfect "day job." I use the slack off meter to numerically rank how much brainpower a job would require. Using this meter has not only saved me time and energy but peace of mind. Gone are the days of taking on a day job only to realize later that it just does not fit into your life. The ten positions on my list have flexibility, are low stress in comparison, and a high turnover rate, which equates to a faster hiring process. More importantly, they do not require a ton of previous experience or a college degree.

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#10 Uber/Lyft Driver


What you need to apply:

A valid US driver's license. Proof of residency in your city, state. Vehicle insurance.

Average Salary: approximately $39,828 (Stats courtesy of Indeed.)



What you need to apply:

Meet the Age requirements for your region. Background check, valid driver's license, and insurance.

Average Salary: approximately $67,820 (Stats courtesy of Indeed.)

PRO: Flexibility.

CON: High risk.

Slack-off meter: 0

This kind of job would be a great supplemental job for an actor while working somewhere else.

#9 Nanny/Babysitter

What you need to apply:

CPR and first aid training, previous relevant experience, some college education.

Personal skills such as good communication, reliability, initiative, creativity, trustworthiness, and a sense of humor. Be at least 18 years of age. Valid driver's license.

Average Salary: $66,000 (Stats provided by Zip recruiter)

PRO: The pay.

CON: Requires a TON of patience.

Slack-off meter: 1

#8 Cater Waiter

What you need to apply:

A High school diploma/GED preferred, minimum 18 years of age, 21 to serve alcohol. Previous waitstaff and or catering experience a plus but not a requirement. Ability to work quickly and as a team in a fast-paced environment.

Average Salary: $12-$18/hour

PRO: Flexibility.

CON: Physical job, hard on the body.

Slack-off meter: 1

#7 Hostess

What you need to apply:

Previous NYC dining experience, phone voice, ability to stand for prolonged periods of time. A polished look and smile. Great under pressure can multi-task.

Average Salary: $12.00-$16.00/hour

PRO: Paid weekly.

CON: New employees generally get stuck with the worst shifts.

Slack-off meter: 3

Working as a hostess is mostly a part-time job. Which means you may have to find a second job.

#6 Hotel Reservationist

What you need to apply:

High school diploma, great phone voice, customer service skills, great under pressure. A people person, courteous and professional.

Average Salary: $42,886/ year (Stats courtesy of Ziprecruiter.)


CON: Can sometimes be high stress.

Slack-off meter: 4

Shoot for the night shift with jobs like this, less volume of calls means more time to focus on your career.

#5 Career Temp

What you need to apply:

High school diploma, basic working knowledge of Microsoft office, great phone voice and demeanor.

Average Salary: $40,000-$45,000 (Stats courtesy of ziprecruiter.)

PRO: Free Internet.

CON: The Hours.

Slack-off meter: 6

You will have plenty of time to search casting sites, what you will not have is the time to send in a self-tape audition if the request comes in during business hours.

#4 Coat Check

What you need to apply:

None, if you seem friendly and give a great interview you are in there. Also helps if you have previous NYC fine dining experience.

Average Salary: $50-$300/ per night

PRO: Cash tips!!!

CON: Inconsistency in pay.

Slack-off meter: 7

Finding jobs like this during quarantine may prove especially difficult. I suggest contacting hotels and catering/special events companies for more info.

#3 Waiter

What you need to apply:

NYC fine dining experience

Average Salary: $4.25-$18.25/hour (Stats courtesy of payscale.)

PRO: Flexibility.

CON: Seniority rules if you are new you usually won’t get the big paying shifts.

Slack-off meter: 1

While you may not have time to slack off while on the clock, you will have more time in your overall day to get things done.

#2 Personal Trainer